Marshmallows by the lake, part 3



So nice to see all the skiers skiing on the lake making there own trails. Loving the light at sunset, the sun is slowly returning back. I think this was around 3 pm in the beginning of February.






Photographer: ©Lina Ström

This is the home of my parents sailboat during the summer. Ever since I was born I have spent time in this harbour every summer and some winters.

I also used to be a harbour gard, nothing special really but quite cosy sometimes and nice when the sun doesn’t go down. Part from one time when luckily my two of my friends was with me and we had to drag a girl up from the water during the summer “festival”. Everything went fine and we got the girl home safe with her parents. 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

Southern harbour, Luleå



Copyright: ©Lina Ström

Too the left on the first photograph you can see the icebreakers. They are called Atle, Ymer, Frej and the biggest if them Oden have for many years been working in Antarctica.
On the other picture is the crane that makes many of the “Lulebor” feel like home. It has been there for many, many years and have become almost like a landmark.