Nederluleå Kyrka



For me it looks like I have added a painted looked filter, but it’s only normal editing.




Nederluleå Church (Swedish: Nederluleå kyrka) is a medieval Lutheran church in Gammelstaden near Luleå in Norrbotten County, Sweden. It belongs to the Diocese of Luleå. The church is the largest medieval church in the Swedish land of Norrland. It forms a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Gammelstad Church Town.” Wikipedia




The sun is coming back



The sun is truly coming back now and it feels so amazing. Such a different world when it doesn’t get dark at 2 pm! Took these photos of my love one afternoon when the sun was going down and the light hit the room beautifully. Spring is on its way and it feel exciting welcoming it in a new city with the love of my life.

Long time no see


I have had a long time of no inspiration or motivation. Been focusing mostly at school and other aspects in my life. But now I’m slowly coming back! Feels good to feel the creativity coming back into my body. Now I just have to find the time between all of our assigments in school and the courage to post the photos I like without thinking about what other people will think 🙂

Have a great Sunday!