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Stenträsk, Arvidsjaur in September


I got the wonderful opportunity to go with my brother and some of his friends, that has created a new brand with this awesome outdoor jacket, to make their first commercial outside of Arvidsjaur. Here is some of my nature photos of the amazing nature we saw there during that weekend. I hope you like them!

If you want to check them out here’s their Facebook page




Nederluleå Kyrka



For me it looks like I have added a painted looked filter, but it’s only normal editing.




Nederluleå Church (Swedish: Nederluleå kyrka) is a medieval Lutheran church in Gammelstaden near Luleå in Norrbotten County, Sweden. It belongs to the Diocese of Luleå. The church is the largest medieval church in the Swedish land of Norrland. It forms a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Gammelstad Church Town.” Wikipedia